Welcome to the website of the Sheffield Centre for Advanced Magnetic Materials and Devices (SCAMMD) within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield.

The Centre uses experiment and simulation to investigate fabrication, application and basic understanding of magnetic materials. Current activity includes:

  • magnetic microelectromechanical system (MagMEMS) biosensors
  • spin-wave propagation and organic spintronics
  • magnetic nanowires for information technology, biological and atomic physics applications
  • exchange bias in magnetic thin films
  • thin film magnetostriction
  • bulk hard and soft magnetic materials
  • atomistic and micromagnetic simulation methods
New publication from Alaa Alasadi
Monday, 5th February 2018

Alaa Alasadi, Frederik Claeyssens and Dan Allwood published a paper (Laser direct writing (LDW) of magnetic structures) on AIP Advances. Further reading of this article can be found here.

Dr K. A. Omari and T. J. Hayward have published a paper on "A Micromagnetic Protocol for Qualitatively Predicting Stochastic Domain Wall Pinning" in Scientific Reports - Nature! Further reading of this article can be found here.

FMM @ ICISM 2017
Friday, 15th December 2017

Congratulations to Professor Allwood who was the keynote speaker at the International Conference on Innovative and Smart Materials (ICISM) 2017, held in Paris from the 11th December to the 13th.


Professor Allwood presented a number of areas of the Functional Materials - Magnetics group relating to his areas of expertise in patterned ferromagnetic nanorings. These included hybrid multi-ferroic systems for controlling domain wall position using applied stress and the nature of domain wall propagation in an array of overlapping NiFe nanorings. 

Congratulations to Mr T. J. Broomhall and T. J. Hayward having published a paper on "Suppression of Stochastic Domain Wall Pinning Through Control of Gilbert Damping" in Scientific Reports - Nature! Further reading of this article can be found here.

MMM 2017
Tuesday, 14th November 2017

​From the 7th - 10th November, 3 representatives from the Functional Materials - Magnetics Group attended the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) 2017 conference in Pittsburgh, USA. 

Professor Dan Allwood presented a poster "Stress Induced Anisotropy in Ni Nanorings" on Tuesday  in the Structured Materials session. 

Richard Dawidek and Alaa Al-Asadi presented talks on Friday 10th in session HC on Artificial Spin Systems. These were respectively titled: "Emergent Behaviour in Interconnected Nanoring Arrays" and "Laser Direct Writing (LDW) of Magnetic Structures" 

All thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Pittsburgh and the opportunity to showcase the research carried out in Sheffield to an international audience

Congratulations Dr Bradley!
Friday, 13th October 2017

Many congratulations to Dr Ruth Bradley from the Functional Materials - Magnetics group, who successfully defended her thesis of "Optimisation of Fe3O4 thin films and nanostructures for atom trapping applications" on the 13th October with minor corrections!  

New Group Member - Mr. Patrick Pan joins FMM!
Monday, 25th September 2017

On the 25th September 2017, a new member has joined the FMM (Function Materials - Magnetics) research group! 

Mr Patrick Pan will be starting his 3 - 4 years PhD project where his research topic is: Remote Magnetic Monitoring of Swelling in Intermediate Level Waste Canisters. The project will be supervised by Dr Claire Corkhill and Dr Tom Hayward.

His project is funded by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Bursary Scheme organised by the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL).
Congratulations Dr Yang
Thursday, 21st April 2016

Congratulations to Dr Weigang Yang who successfully defended his thesis on 'Electric Field Control of Magnetic Properties in Multiferroic Heterostructures' in his viva on the 21st April 2016

SCAMMD @ Magnetism 2016
Wednesday, 13th April 2016

On the 4th-5th April, SCAMMD attended Magnetism 2016  organised by the Institute of Physics

Dr. Tom Hayward presented his work on "Manipulating domain walls with surface acoustic waves" and Dr Precious Shamba presented her work on "Tuning phase transitions and the magnetocaloric effect of La(Fe,Si)13 alloys", Miss Ruth Bradley, Mr Tom Broomhall, Mr Qayes Al-dulaim, Mr Ghaiath Fadhil, Mr Alex Wynn, Mr Alex Mackie, Mr Jonathan Wood and Mr Weigang Yang all presented posters highlighting their current research.
Congratulations are in order for Alex Mackie for being awarded one of the Best Student Poster prizes for his work on "Sm2(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)z and CaF2 composite permanent magnets processed by Spark Plasma Sintering". 
International Visit
Thursday, 31st March 2016
Jonathan Wood visited the University of Western Australia (UWA), working with Assoc/Prof. Mikhail Kostylev, Dr. Peter Metaxas and Mr. Manu Sushruth. The purpose of the trip was to carry out ferromagnetic resonance measurements in order to further his understanding in the processes involved in the change in magnetic properties he has observed at the University of Sheffield. The results found whilst there are very informative and hope to be included in publications by Jonathan in the near future. This research was made possible thanks to the Worldwide University Network (WUN) who awarded funding from the Research Mobility Programme (RMP).