From the 11th-15th January, Professor Dan Allwood, Dr Tom Hayward and Alex Mackie from SCAMMD attended the MMM/Intermag joint conference in San Diego. The following research from members of SCAMMD was presented:


Influence of non-magnetic phases on the magnetic properties of high-resistivity composite rare-earth permanent magnets.

A.J. Mackie , J. Dean and R. Goodall


Microstructural Dependence of Sintered Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnet Properties.

G. Fadhil , M. Hodges , A. Rana , W.M. Rainforth , A. Thomas , A.C. Urda , J. Dean and D. Allwood


Ballistic Rectification of Vortex Domain Wall Chirality at Nanowire Corners.

K.A. Omari , R. Bradley , T.J. Broomhall , M. Hodges , M.C. Rosamond, M. Im,  P. Fischer and T.J. Hayward


A Sound Approach: Manipulating Domain Walls with Surface Acoustic Waves.

J. Dean , M.T. Bryan , J.D. Cooper , A. Virbule , J.E. Cunningham and T.J. Hayward


Intrinsic Nature of Stochastic Domain Wall Pinning Phenomena in Magnetic Nanowire Devices.

T.J. Hayward


Alex Mackie has blogged about his first experience representing SCAMMD at an international conference, which can be found at