Publications from 2014


“Fabrication and Luminescence of Monolayered Boron Nitride Quantum Dots”

L. Lin, Y. Xu, S. Zhang, I. M. Ross, A. C. M. Ong, D. A. Allwood,
Small, 10, 60-65 (2014)

“Planar organic spin valves using nanostructured Ni80Fe20 magnetic contacts”

H. AlQahtani, M. T. Bryan, T. J. Hayward, M. P. Hodges, M.-Y. Im, P. Fischer, M. Grell, D. A. Allwood,
Organic Electronics, 15, 276–280 (2014)

Influence of soft magnetic underlayers on the magnetic properties of Co90Fe10 films

A. Caruana Finkel, N. Reeves-McLaren, N. A. Morley,
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 357, 87-92 (2014)

Study of the magnetic–Alq3 interface in organic spin-valves

N. A. Morley, A. J. Drew, H. Zhang, K. Scott, S. Hudziak, D. J. Morgan,
Applied Surface Science, 313, 850-857 (2014)

Suppression of stochastic pinning in magnetic nanowire devices using “virtual” domain walls

M. P. P. Hodges, M. T. Bryan, P. W. Fry, M.-Y. Im, P. Fischer, T. J. Hayward,
Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 123914 (2014)

Domain wall pinning for racetrack memory using exchange bias

I. Polencuic, A. J. Vick, D. A. Allwood, T. J. Hayward, G. Vallejo-Fernandez, K. O'Grady, A. Hirohata,
Applied Physics Letters, 105, 162406 (2014)

Chirality-Based Vortex Domain-Wall Logic Gates

K. A. Omari, T. J. Hayward,
Physical Review Applied, 2, 044001 (2014)