Publications from 2015


“Ballistic rectification of vortex domain wall chirality at nanowire corners"

K Omari, RC Bradley, TJ Broomhall, MPP Hodges, MC Rosamond, EH Linfield, M-Y Im, P Fischer, TJ Hayward
Applied Physics Letters, 107 (22), 222403 (2015)


“A sound idea: Manipulating domain walls in magnetic nanowires using surface acoustic waves"

J Dean, MT Bryan, JD Cooper, A Virbule, JE Cunningham, TJ Hayward
Applied Physics Letters, 107 (14), 142405 (2015)


“Intrinsic nature of stochastic domain wall pinning phenomena in magnetic nanowire devices"

TJ Hayward
Scientific Reports, 5 , (2015)


“Investigations of the polymer/magnetic interface of organic spin-valves"

N.A. Morley, R. Dost, A.S.V. Lingam, A.J. Barlow
Applied Surface Science, 359, 704-713 (2015)


“Muon spin relaxation study of spin dynamics in poly(triarylamine)"

J. He, J. Du, T. Kreouzis, F. L. Pratt, J. S. Lord, M. T. F. Telling, A. J. Drew, N. A. Morley and M. Willis
Synthetic Metals, 208, 21-25 (2015)


“A polymer based sensor for phosphate detection in water"

F. A. Hassani, N. A. Morley ; M. Romero-González
Proceedings of 2015 IEEE SENSORS (2015)


“Electric field-controlled magnetization in bilayered magnetic films for magnetoelectric memory"

W.G. Yang, N.A. Morley, W.M. Rainforth
Journal of Applied Physics, 118 3, 034102 (2015)


“Giant electric field tunable magnetic properties in a Co50Fe50/lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate multiferroic heterostructure"

W.G. Yang, N.A. Morley, J. Sharp, W.M. Rainforth
Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics , 48 30, 305005 (2015)