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Publications from 2018

“Selective Excitation of Localized Spin-Wave Modes by Optically Pumped Surface Acoustic Waves"

Phys. Rev. Applied 10, 034068
C. L. Chang, R. R. Tamming, T. J. Broomhall, J. Janusonis,P. W. Fry, R. I. Tobey, and T. J. Hayward

“Enhancement of magnetostrictive properties of Galfenol thin films"

LR Nivedita P ManivelR PandianS MurugesanN MorleyK Asokan and RTR Kumar
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials451 (2018)

“Artificial multiferroic structures using soft magnetostrictive bilayers on Pb (Mg 1/3 Nb 2/3)-PbTiO 3"

E Miskevich F AlshammariWG YangJ SharpS BacoZ LeongQ Abbas and N Morley
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics51 085001 (2018)

“Laser direct writing (LDW) of magnetic structures"

A. Alasadi F. Claeyssens and D. A. Allwood
AIP Advances056322 (2018)

“Control of ferromagnetic properties of Ni80Fe20 thin films by voltage-induced oxidation"

J.M.Wood , C. I. Oseghale, O. Cespedes, M. Grell and D. A. Allwood
Journal of Applied Physics124 085304 (2018)