SCAMMD @ Magnetism 2018
Author: , Posted: 1524240295.

On the 9th-10th April, Functional Materials - Magnetics Group (SCAMMD) attended Magnetism 2018  organised by the Institute of Physics

Mr Tom Broomhall got the chance to present his work on "Magnetism you can rely on: A materials-science based solution to stochastic domain wall pinning in magnetic nanowire devices" to the Magnetism Community. Other members of the group; Dr. Tom Hayward, Mr Alaa Alasadi, Mr Qayes Aldulaim, Mrs Saturi Baco, Mr Richard Dawidek and Mr Patrick Pan all presented posters highlighting their current research.
Although nobody in the group won the Best Student Poster prize everyone had an enjoyable time learning from other academic staffs on the most up-to-date research that is happening in the UK.